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    1. Shenlong is a manufacturer / manufacturer of Eloam OEMs.
    2. Is the first high-profile industry OEM / ODM custom manufacturers OEM OEM for as long as 9 years, has many brand OEM experience, development and technology leader with a wealth of solutions, and customer service.
    3. Mass purchase and production, supply prices and quality have absolute advantage
    4. Have qualified international brands, rework rate can be controlled within five thousandths of a year
    5. (Delivery deadline: 15 days) Precise production planning and prudent safety stock preparation mechanism create good preconditions for on-time delivery
    6. To undertake all the high profile of OEM / ODM OEM, welcome customers come to customize.
    7. Division I and ensure that the confidentiality of customer information does not leak.

  • Wide dynamic body recognition, binocular module

    OEM products (binocular module)

    In Vivo Detection: In Vivo Detection Enhances the Reliability of Validation Results
    Face acquisition:
    detection of face and collection
    Photo Face Capture:
    Capture photo face images and capture
    Face extraction:
    extract live human face
    ID card collection:
    acquisition of second generation card images
    Face comparison:
    the contrast between image and face
    Comparison result record inquiry:
    Inquire the comparison record

  • shinyloam、People's license comparison Gao Paiyi S620A3D / S200D (binocular)

    Wide dynamic body recognition, 

    binocular face recognition high

     shot instrument. OEM custom products

    Shenzhen-Long Gao Paiyi S620A3D (binocular) has the function of identification of human beings, which contains the function of biometric identification, and compares the real-time portrait captured by the main camera with the real-time portrait captured by the main beacon to achieve the human-to-the- Function, the main head 500W pixels, single-stage dimming. Two heads are 200W pixels, infrared light for infrared to increase light, an increase of matching software encryption.
     2D face recognition technology has been upgraded to enhance face matching to 3D latitude, to solve the 2D face recognition encountered photos, videos
    Can easily crack the system loopholes, live detection capabilities for the information security built a protective wall!
    The binocular algorithm computes high-precision face data, accurately identifies and locates some key features such as eyes, ears and nose, and calculates various feature information to effectively prevent plane photos, photos with different bending degrees, phishing frauds such as PS and video, Accurate detection of whether it is' living people, good people, to ensure the accuracy of live detection, detection accuracy, processing speed, database maintenance and update less.
    Recognition rate of 99%, recognition speed of 1 second, high recognition (wear glasses, gestures and age span and other highly adaptable)